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Bart's Birthday 100

ICE BREAKER $2,000 to win* "Run What You Brung Enduro"

Bart's Birthday 100 Rules.


  • Entry fee is $120 and includes the driver and transponders. Additional pit passes are $20 each.

  • Race is complete when the first car completes 100 laps.

  • Cars will be scored on number of laps complete, and placed based on that, and where they are on the track when lap 100 is scored/checkered flag.

  • Any two wheel drive car or small truck.

  • Any motor.

  • Must have at least an H bar cage.

  • Must have a door plate.

  • Any non studded tire.

  • All headlights, signal lights and plastic trim must be removed.

  • Bumpers must be chained. Must have seat belts, racing belts ok.

  • Seats must be bolted to the floor or frame. The suspension must be able to support the vehicle without bottoming out.

  • All vehicles must be self-starting.

  • All vehicles must have a positive on/off ignition switch within easy reach of all of the vehicle’s drivers.

  • All Vehicles must have sufficient brakes to stop the vehicle.

  • All carburetors must be covered, hoods required.

  • All fuel lines must be in good condition and securely mounted.

  • Nitrous oxide must be mounted outside of the driver’s compartment....(This is my favorite)


* $2,000 to win based on 100 cars

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